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The Minneapolis Morning Tribune’s page-one obituary featured a two-column photo of Ga-Be-Nah-Gewn-Wonce: Oldest Man in Country Was Active Until Week Before Death. 6—Ga-Be-Nah-Gewn-Wonce, also known as John Smith, a Chippewa Indian reputed to be 137 years old, died here today after a week’s illness with pneumonia.

Smith, whose Indian name means “Wrinkled meat,” had been very active in late years.

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I am a average looking house wife wantint to try something new and maybe bring husband in later after I have had my fun.A year ago he became totally blind, but his mind remained clear to the last, and he often recalled the days when he was a scout for the Chippewas in the wars with the Sioux. One of his boasts was that he had never fought against the white man.Up to four years ago he had never visited a big city.Before that time he had made it a practice to meet all trains entering the village and offer postal cards for sale.He claimed to have met the Schoolcraft and Cass exploration party which passed through here about 100 years ago, and recalled the changing of the name of the lake, then known as Red Cedar Lake, to Cass Lake, in honor of one of the leaders of the expeditions.Two years ago he took the central part in moving pictures taken of Indians, called the “Recollections of Ga-be-nah-gewn-wonce,” which have been exhibited all over the United States.

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