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And as is true in southern tradition, House grew up not only around people who confront the changing tides of their beliefs, but in a community of storytellers.

“The main reason I started writing was because I grew up around people who told stories all the time,” remembers House.

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The story follows a fundamentalist preacher who disowns his brother when he comes out as gay, but steadily alters his views in the years after his brother disappears to Key West.

“I’m exploring how the South is changing, but struggling with that change,” says House, noting that all his work, at the core, deals with identity, family, and belief.

Educated at Eastern Kentucky University and then Spalding University for a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing, he now teaches at Berea College, the first desegregated and coeducational college in the South.

As per southern customs, we didn’t rush the interview when I arrived at his home to discuss his work.

While fictional, his work is deeply rooted in eastern Kentucky and the issues—both political and personal—that people face.

Because he passionately represents folks in Appalachia, House has accrued quite the local following.

And while practical reasons—such as his daughters from a former marriage and being an only child who wants to take care his parents—keep House in Kentucky, he’s still in love with the region despite all the challenges.

“There’s something about the land that I’m homesick for when I’m away.

“When I said Kentucky, she said ‘Oh, where all the best things in America come from.

Like bourbon, whiskey, beautiful horses, and the music.’ And that really struck me because, in the rest of the world, Kentucky is seen as the best of the nation, but in the nation itself, we’re seen as the worst of it.” “But,” he adds with a smile, “the rest of the world probably isn’t aware of how Kentucky votes.” Alongside his writing, House speaks out frequently on political issues that affect the region.

“And I was really conscious of those stories being lost.

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