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Elsewhere, aesthetic splendor also takes the form of the campus’ three lakes, which are a haven for local waterfowl.Sonoma State started off life in 1960, operating out of rented buildings before relocating to its current site in 1966.

Case in point: the sleek Green Music Center, which not only looks good, but has also been carefully designed to save substantial amounts of energy.

The complex’s standout structure is the Joan and Sanford I.

Another attractive feature is the 26-acre campus’ lily pond, where cherry trees bloom in late spring, adding further natural beauty to an already lovely spot.

Despite the name, Miami University’s main campus actually lies in the Ohio city of Oxford – essentially the school’s home since its establishment in 1809.

Meanwhile, eye-catching architectural features like the colonial Georgian-look Harkness Chapel also amaze.

Replete with a lofty spire and Ionic columns, this granite structure was conceived by academic architect James Gamble Rogers and has been a mainstay of the campus since the chapel’s consecration in 1940.

Methodology To create this piece, nominations were selected based on 1.) inclusion in dozens of comparable “most beautiful college campuses” list articles, and 2.) an informal survey of friends and colleagues both in and out of academia.

Picturesque natural features such as green spaces, bodies of water and arboretums were the key criteria, as was elegant architecture – and specific buildings and areas were then singled out for their outstanding looks.

Forgoing the more popular Collegiate Gothic aesthetic, the first Brooklyn College buildings were rather Neo-Georgian in style, with impressive red-brick structures such as La Guardia and Ingersoll Halls setting the tone.

Topped with an eye-catching clock tower, La Guardia Hall was erected in 1937 and remains a centerpiece of the grassy East Quad.

Connecting to this central space, Memorial Row is a graceful ponderosa pine-lined avenue that acts as a poignant monument to those affiliated with the university who perished in World War I.

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