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• The least romantic country polled was the Netherlands, with only 10% of people wanting to hear ‘I love you’ daily.

• This side of the pond clearly has the romantics as Canada came second with 66% of respondents wanting a daily ‘I love you’.

Elite Singles ran a worldwide poll to see who likes to hear those three magic words the most and it turns out that 73% Americans would like to be told ‘I love you’ daily!

This is significantly higher than other countries polled in the global study of 12,654, showing that Americans truly are the romantics of the world.

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We carefully evaluate profiles of men and women in our database to find your special someone.We throughly follow the anti-scam policy and we do examine attentively any member's complaint.All information about scamming actions is taken into consideration and a Lady-scammer is immediately published in the black list.In fact, Americans want to hear ‘I love you’ daily on average three times more than Europeans!• 73% of Americans want to be told ‘I love you’ daily, compared to only 24% of Europeans.Here are the facts: • On the East Coast, 77% of men want to hear ‘I love you’ daily, compared to 68% of women.

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