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Kaitlin Olson is hating having her picture taken right now. It’s an unusually warm Friday afternoon, and Olson is standing in the backyard of her contemporary Sherman Oaks home.

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I liked that.” That sense of accomplishment — of making someone happy — is what drove her to attend the University of Oregon and major in acting, and it’s what would eventually take her to Los Angeles to fully commit to her vocation. “I didn't understand how anyone could ever be sad or depressed here.

It was so beautiful.”She took classes at The Groundlings and eventually made it into the Sunday company.

A stylist fixes Olson’s hair as she begrudgingly twists her fingers through the tree’s branches.

“Just hanging out, touching my tree,” Olson says out loud, to no one in particular. It’s pretty great, standing by yourself, taking photos.”For a seasoned actor like Olson — who’s been working consistently for the past 15 years in comedy roles, turning up on Curb Your Enthusiasm as Becky, Cheryl’s loud and opinionated sister; as Mimi’s vengeful nemesis, Traylor, on The Drew Carey Show; and currently on New Girl as the free-spirited girlfriend of Jess’ dad — it’s surprising that she’s not used to the being the center of attention by now. The truth is, though, that Olson feeling anxious about this interview and photo shoot is entirely understandable.

They started dating while filming season 2, but didn’t officially admit their couple status until the following season. Her physical comedy is key: “I’m very long,” she said in the interview.

When breaking the news to the rest of the cast, Olson reportedly burst into tears, declared her love for Mc Elhenney and wished that everyone wouldn’t be mad. “I’m very unaware of how long my limbs are and I bash into things a lot, and Rob makes fun of me a lot.”8.

The 39-year-old actress, known for her ego-driven, blasphemous attitude that could send a moral compass on the fritz, is credited for helping pave the way for stronger female comedic roles (Bridesmaids).

In a recent Buzzfeed interview, Olson discussed some of her quirks that she shares with her character, as well as what lies ahead in her career.

Here are some things to know about the actress behind bison-handed, bird-like “Sweet Dee.”1.

Olson was raised on a farm in Oregon where she used to pick her own vegetables. She has broken her back, heel and foot while filming “Always Sunny.” Once, she even fell through the floorboards and tore her calf open on a steel spike.3. Wiig and Olson were the final two actresses in audition.4. ” Olson refused to use a stunt double and rammed her own head into the parked car.5.

” the photographer asks her, trying a different tack.

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