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Now how am I going to tell you about the family of fabric workers from Gloucestershire, dating back to at least the 1500s, who spread across England, into Wales and then Canada, United States and Australia.

I really want to tell you about the criminals, including Dinah Riddiford, the oldest woman to hang in England in the 18th and 19th century and the convicts transported to Van Diemens Land, Sydney and Norfolk Island.

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Mum and I visited an antique shop at Newlyn, north of Ballarat.

We spotted some old photos with the penciled name “Riddiford” on the cardboard frames.

Many of the passengers were Assisted Immigrants and I would assume the Riddfords were among them.

The Riddifords moved to Smeaton, just north of Ballarat.

The former miner and mayor of Broken Hill had the Riddiford Arboretum in the town named in his honour. While still a baby, Tom’s parents Thomas Cooke Riddiford and Emma Piddington moved the family to Clerkenwell, London where Lily Beatrice was born in 1877.

Again, the move seems to have been another failed attempt to find a better life for the family, as they had headed back to Cuddington by 1879.

There were three, including the family photo and a wedding photo of my grandfather and his first wife Mavis Mc Leish.

The shop owner was able to tell us how he acquired them, but it’s a long story.

The Riddiford Family of Ballarat circa 1929Back: Cyril Victor, Lillian Ivy, Percy Ronald, Reginald Leonard Front: William “Bill” Thomas Frederick, Thomas William Cooke Riddiford, Stanley Gordon, Caroline “Queenie” Celia Ann Kirkin, Ernest Arthur Harold.

This photo is very special because of the circumstances in which I came to have it.

Or there is the Riddifords that immigrated to Australia arriving to South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. I will, however, get the chance to tell you the story of my grandfather and great-grandfather, Percy and Tom.

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