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The Jenny Lind figurehead head was attributed the ship Nightingale built in 1851.

Jenny was considered the finest operatic soprano of her time.

Restored to its original glittering finish with its wingspan of eighteen feet and weight of 3,200 pounds, it symbolizes the nation’s growing power and international stature.

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And so do the three staff members who are responsible for the care and feeding of all the items!

In the maritime world the phrase “between wind and water” usually refers to the part of a ship’s side or bottom that is exposed by the rolling of the vessel while under sail or following the firing of cannons during battle. Navy submariners commonly fashioned informal battle flags adorned with symbols marking the successes they achieved during combat war patrols. is credited with sinking more than 29.5 Axis vessels totaling an estimated 146,808 gross registered tons—causing severe damage to a number of others.

The anchor lines went over and through the cathead timbers.

The plates served as decoration as well as protection for the ends of these wooden beams.

Used by the early Egyptians, figureheads were common until the transition from sail to steam in the late ninteenth century.

is situated inside the main entryway of the Museum.

In this context we use the phrase to indicate anything on a ship from the top to the bottom. Compared with those of other American submariners, the battle flag crafted by the crewmen of the U. These successes are represented in graphic form around the battle flag was given by Fluckey and crew to Lieutenant Jim Webster in late 1945.

Webster served as executive officer (XO) under Fluckey during the eleventh and twelfth war patrols and was transferred from the Barb ultimately to assume command of another submarine.

From 1850 to 1852 she toured the United States under the promotion P. Barnum, who billed her as the “Swedish Nightingale”.

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