Returned missionary dating application pdf updating access 2016 to 2016

He or she will do a urinalysis and various tests: blood tests, a tuberculosis test, etc.The doctor will fill in your immunization dates (MMR, Polio, Hepatitis A and B), and give an overall missionary fitness report (the doctor’s assessment of your ability to serve) and note any physical or medical limitations.PO Box 127 Beech Grove, IN 46107 (317) 783-0300 • [email protected] Friend in Christ, Before completing this application, we desire that you spend much time in prayer.

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He will give you all the paperwork or point you to the online recommendation system, and he will help you through the application process.

Below is an overview of the eight major sections of the mission application form, but before you read on: 1.

Here you also specify any extracurricular activities, special skills, accomplishments, previous Church callings, and other leadership experience.

This is also the section where you will outline how you will be financing your mission.

You will need to answer all of the questions completely and honestly. Physician’s Health Evaluation This section of the mission application form will be filled out by your medical doctor.

The Doctor will note your height, weight, and blood pressure.

You will need to provide information about your health care policy so the Church can properly process your medical expenses for events that may happen on your mission.

If you become sick or injured during the mission, the Church will provide initial payment for medical expenses, but that is not intended to replace your personal insurance.

This part of the application asks for your citizenship information, and residency documents, if applicable.

You will need to provide the name, occupation, and contact information of your parents, or caregiver if you live with someone other than your parents. Priesthood Leaders’ Comments and Suggestions The priesthood leader section has two parts.

For many missionaries this means having wisdom teeth removed before going on a mission. Personal Insurance Information of Missionary Candidate The final section of the mission application form is several pages of authorizations, releases of information, and medical privacy notices that you and your parents will need to sign.

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