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Radiocarbon data support the general archaeological dating (see below).

So far so good, but there is a problem with this story.

Göbekli Tepe was abandoned after the middle PPN B, i.e. That is the time when agriculture finally is fully established; the demise of a hunter-gatherer site would thus fit in this general picture.

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These differences are most obvious in a certain find category: projectile points.

Very detailed categorization schemes have been elaborated meanwhile, based on material from sites throughout the Near East.

This problem can be avoided by sampling only the oldest calcium carbonate layer in a thin section: the result should be a date near the beginning of soil formation around the stone, i.e. Radiocarbon data are available from both the architecture of Layers III and II.

Although the observed archaeological stratigraphy is confirmed by the relative sequence of the data, absolute ages are clearly too young, with Layer III being pushed into the 9th millennium, and Layer II producing ages from the 8th or even 7th millennia cal BC.

Another issue is the lack of carbonized organic material available for dating; only in the last campaigns have larger quantities been discovered.

Given these inherent difficulties, in a first approach the attempt was made to date the architecture directly using pedogenic carbonates.

She observed a fundamental distinction in the ground plans of buildings – round constructions in the earlier PPN A, rectangular buildings in the later PPN B.

She further based her subdivision on differences in the material culture.

Dating sites and finds is the backbone of archaeology.

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