Quicken not updating discover

I don’t know about your specific situation, but the value added by using Quicken is easily 10 times more than that amount paid — warts and all.And it’s especially worthwhile when you consider that YNAB — which has much less functionality — charges .99 per month.

Also keep in mind that if you used Quicken Bill Pay, it is now included (up to 15 months) in the price.

This effectively further reduces your cost of using the latest version of Quicken.

However, customers have long complained about customer service issues, bank synchronization problems and lack of substantial new features.

Quicken is the granddaddy of personal finance software, and it’s the product users love to hate.

The big change for Quicken 2018 is that it’s now based on a subscription service. With the old version, you had up to three years to use the software.

But now, after your subscription period ends, the online services will no longer work.

I see many comments balking at the new pricing, but at least in my opinion, that’s way overblown.

If you annualize the version I’m testing and use Amazon’s price of 9.99 for the term of 27 months, it comes to just .93 per month.

Quicken for Windows is the gold standard in personal finance software and budgeting.

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