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Your user needs to really Great Relationship Sauce makes the user think about your product fondly, long after the date ends. Amelie’s users have started to really like her by now or at least be attracted enough to consider taking a plunge.

As a designer, you’ve bestowed your digital product with personality.

Like every unique person, products need to flirt, date and seduce users during early interactions.

It solves important problems, creates new opportunities, is great fun to use and easy on the eye.

Normally you’d think that Amelie would land a partner for life by just showing up with great personality — useful function, pristine layout and thoughtful user experience. If you’re dating on Tinder or Ok Cupid, you’ll know that users have a lot of choice in the world of online dating — there’s very little time or patience with incompatibility.

app or product have the appropriate dating strategy? Once in a relationship, can it keep the relationship fun and interesting?

Does your product need to have an affair to woo it away from another relationship?Relationship Sauce is the sum of all the little dates with a product and its users.It is the complete romantic script or story, binding experiences together into a relationship over time and space- a series of dates and interactions.Nobody calls a boring first date back for a second dinner.So you’ve got to plan those first few moves thoughtfully. The New Romance recipe is the archetypal romance between two strangers falling in love. This makes your product a unique person in a world full of other unique people.

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