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Nearly fifteen years later, the Sakura Wars video game series finally fulfills its American dream with the English release of Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love, much to the delight of long time RPG and anime fans male.

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You won't be able to participate in every conversation or see every event scene during the first play through, so the game has a tremendous amount of replay value, especially if you wish to partner up with a different girl the second time around.

The Wii version is priced at $30 (a steal considering most Wii games retail for $50), $10 cheaper than the Play Station 2 edition due to the lack of extras.

The game's plot is hardly compelling and the villains are an afterthought to the game's main cast.

As with most visual novels, this is a very character-driven game.

The odd renaming of Sagitta Weinberg to Cheiron Archer in the Play Station 2 English dub disc and Wii version throws off the constellation-naming convention for the Star Division members.

She's still referred to as Sagitta in the Japanese dub disc, however.

If you're a purist or a collector, I suggest grabbing the Play Station version, as only the first print run of the game will come with the freebies.

In terms of game play and in game content, both versions are about the same.

Look past the over the top anime clichés and overly romanticized depictions of American life (the absurdity of the Harlem chapter may cause you to roll your eyes and Diana's overly melodramatic chapter is groan inducing), and you'll find the game remarkably entertaining.

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