Professional black women dating

How would I be a better football player, if I’m not coachable? I could feel the heat in my face and the pounding of my heart. Too often have I seen this mentality from not only black sportsmen but black men in general.

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While perusing the black-oriented website, “Afro Punk,” I came across an article that caught my eye.

It was titled, Black Women are not Uncoachable, they are Unprotected.

The straight blonde hair and the sparkling blue eyes have captivated American beauty.

In a 2016 CNN article, it is said that The Fashion Spot dissected “racial diversity on the runways.

All of which are meant to try and “blend in,” to “survive.” And this fight for “survival,” requires black people to unify with whiteness but also a segregate from blackness. An unattractiveness that has poisoned mankind against black women.

It’s a betrayal that creates wars within the black community. Too many times, in both past and present, there have been many instances where my fellow black girls are portrayed as stubborn, sassy, dominant, and loud, with derogatory labels such as “ratchet,” “bougie,” and -in the words of Masaratti Rick- “uncoachable” are applied to them.

Men like Masaratti Rick try to pass this self-hatred off in terms of dominance and that a white woman apparently “knows her position and accepts her role as a woman and lets her man lead” (The Race Card). Isn’t security and promotion from a woman found in all colors?

Are black women not capable of evoking positivity just like white women?

Over New York, London, Paris and Milan 77.6% of the time models on the runway were white” (Pursley).

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