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It is an insult to anyone with a smidgen of common sense when these sites use the words,in the description of their so called modeling sites.

Offering a few 'eye candy' preview photos, then, if one is a bit demented, they can pay a sizable fee for a complete set of photos.

The Bottom Line - Teens and preteens reclined on a bed, sitting in a chair, or bending over, camera shooting from the back, legs spread in a provocative pose... I'm sorry, but I cannot see this as any type of decent modeling.

My wife and I entered our son in a beauty contest some 20 years ago and most parents offered a portfolio of their children.

So many of the modeling sites that offer pictures of young children today are disgusting, demeaning and cruel.

I for one would like to begin a campaign to petition the proper channels of the United States Government to close MOST child modeling sites down, and in cases where children are being asked to pose in provocative positions, there should minimally be fines levied against the webmasters.

My first thought was, "Where are the parents when these shoots are taking place?

" Surely I thought, most of the parents of these girls didn't know the pictures were taken - I would allow no one to take those types of pictures of my daughter.

The pictures on MOST of these banners are disturbing in the way that they offer photos of teen or preteen girls in thongs or underwear in very provocative poses.

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