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I was simply reading the news of Sanjay Dutt : D and suddenly shocked to know the other news which was beside it.I know NIIT also provide dating allowance as one of my friend is working there.Because after Wipro and Azim Premji having been slapped with a suit by a woman who claims that the company’s alleged dating allowance caused her husband to leave her, it doesn’t look like a great idea to go beyond the regular HRA and other sundry HR initiatives.

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Sandhya Menon Thought an office cricket match or a rather generous entertainment allowance was enough of an HR initiative to get your work force going?

If you are answer is yes, then you are probably safe.

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Jaiswal said since the names of direct relations alone could be included in a case under the new domestic violence law, the names of Premji and Kumar were withdrawn on technical grounds. Tripti, a resident of Gwaltoli area here, submitted an application to the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, asking him to premit her to withdraw the names of Premji and Kumar from the case.

Her husband was going on date with one lady because his company is providing dating allowance to him. NIIT is one of the companies I know which started giving this dating allowance but there is no case on the company.

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