Preminidumpcallback updating dump comment

De vragen zijn gescheiden op onderwerp en in verschillende secties geplaatst zodat je makkelijker kunt navigeren naar de vragen die je wilt gebruiken.

Als je iemand beter wilt leren kennen dan kun je beter zelf vragen stellen.

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Wenn ja könnte es daran liegen, deinstalliere es mal und versuche es erneut.

This single call will write out various pieces of application state to a file; but it requires a bit of help to ensure you’re only writing out information you actually need.

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You can assign the results of Get Exception Info into that field, and that exception information can be retained in the minidump.

The first thing to remember is that we need to wait for the minidump to complete before allowing our API to continue.

MSDN claims that you can set this parameter to NULL to exclude exception information from the resulting dump file, but then goes on to tell you if you do so, the call stack may be wrong.

The first thing to understand about the API is the Dump Type parameter — this is a logical OR’ing of MINIDUMP_TYPE enumeration values.

In this post, I am going to cover how to create a file with more complete debugging information.

In eerste instantie waren hier 50 vragen te vinden maar dit hebben we inmiddels uitgebreid met 134 extra vragen.

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