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After the sack of Dumbarton Rock by a Viking army from Dublin in 870, the name Strathclyde comes into use, perhaps reflecting a move of the centre of the kingdom to Govan.

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During the High Middle Ages, the area was conquered by the Goidelic-speaking Kingdom of Alba in the 11th century, becoming part of the new Kingdom of Scotland.

However, it remained a distinctive Brythonic area into the 12th and 13th centuries.

It is also known as Alt Clut, a Brittonic term for Dumbarton Castle, the medieval capital of the region.

It may have had its origins with the Brythonic Damnonii people of Ptolemy's Geography.

In addition to these contacts, Roman armies undertook punitive expeditions north of the frontiers.

Northern natives also travelled south of the wall, to trade, to raid and to serve in the Roman army.or Alclud (and Strath-Clota in Anglo-Saxon), was one of the early medieval kingdoms of the Britons in Hen Ogledd ("the Old North"), the Brythonic-speaking parts of what is now southern Scotland and northern England.The kingdom developed during the post-Roman period.Although the northern frontier appears to have been Hadrian's Wall for most of the history of Roman Britain, the extent of Roman influence north of the Wall is obscure.Certainly, Roman forts existed north of the wall, and forts as far north as Cramond may have been in long-term occupation.Roman traders may have travelled north, and Roman subsidies, or bribes, were sent to useful tribes and leaders.

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