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Samples at this rate are low priority and will be analysed as time slots become available.

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We strongly encourage you to make contact with us prior to sample collection to: Only sediments that have been exposed to light or intense heat during deposition are datable by OSL, so please consider carefully if this applies to your material.

We recommend using steel cylinders to collect sediment samples as they are easy to use and transport and protect samples from ambient light. Sedimentology of a debris-rich, perhumid valley glacier margin in the Rakaia Valley, South Island, New Zealand.

The technique can be applied to material from about 100 to several hundred thousand years old.

The Luminescence Dating Facility at Victoria University is the only one of its kind in New Zealand and is led by Ningsheng Wang.

It is primarily a research facility for the School and for collaborators in New Zealand. Coseismic strike slip at a point during the last four earthquakes on the Wellington fault near Wellington, New Zealand.

The laboratory is set up in dark rooms with extremely subdued orange illumination.

Please ask us for a quote for your sample analysis. The atmospheric lead record preserved in lagoon sediments at a remote equatorial Pacific location: Palmyra Atoll, northern Line Islands.

We will also advise you about sampling and help with the interpretation of results.

Turnaround time is dependent on the workload of the lab, so please enquire about the status when submitting samples.

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