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He will go along with you consciously but resent you and rebel against you unconsciously, which will get acted out in a Passive-Aggressive manner.This is a common dynamic for couples—passive-aggressive men and controlling women.When he frustrates you by failing to follow through on something he agreed to, don’t nag or push him about it.

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Another example: Walt is somewhat attracted to a woman at work.

He has no intention of acting on this because he is faithful to his wife, Jenny.

He agrees to do it, but then he forgets about it until after the date has passed, and you have to suffer the consequences.

Consciously, he really did forget, but unconsciously, his Passive-Aggressive Part did this on purpose to punish you for something you did that bothered him.

If he has enough awareness, talk with him to get a better sense of what he might be afraid of.

This will help you be aware of times when you unintentionally trigger his fears.Walt says Yes to a lunch with the woman without telling Jenny, rationalizing, “I know I’m not going to have an affair, so what is wrong with just having lunch?” However, Walt "accidentally" leaves a clue that alerts Jenny to the lunch. Walt's Passive-Aggressive Part has gotten back at Jenny for trying to control him.Or this part of him may be angry at you for things you said that hurt him.However, he doesn't feel that he has any right to feel this way, so it all goes underground out of his consciousness.If your partner is Passive-Aggressive, there are some things you can do to minimize this tendency in him.

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