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"His wife," says the person who tells me about the guy, "knows nothing about it."So what makes some people want to show up on a Saturday night and have their butt whacked?

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My friends and I are, indeed, under 45 -- and the same can't be said for many of the other people milling about the room. Those who aren't lying someone across their lap or lying over someone's lap behind one of the red curtains are socializing in the main room, chatting the way they would at any other mixer.

There are a few younger people: I spy a 20-something girl mulling her options by the raffle table and another one who could be even younger munching on Swedish fish next to a table piled high with snacks. But this isn't any old mixer, as evidenced by the name tags, which reveal information far more relevant than just names: red tags are for bottoms, blue tags are for tops, and yellow tags are for those who switch between the two.

Logic would dictate that the need is Freudian: that spankos were spanked as children and eroticized that abuse.

But while many of the people I spoke to for this piece were spanked when they were little, just as many were not.

The man who determined we're under 45 is a top and is also probably the most handsome man in the room -- though, it should be noted, this is not a group that's going to be confused with the one lining up for fashion week at Bryant Park.

There doesn't appear to be a sign of plastic surgery or a gym-sculpted body in sight -- just the sort of normal-looking folks you might see at the DMV or an airport.

"It's like if a woman who had a rape fantasy suddenly had a guy going, ' Are you OK? Sex ruins the fantasy, and if it's not 100 percent not sexual, it feels like incest." (At the same time, Jules admits that she fantasizes about being spanked when she masturbates and that she's gotten wet while being spanked.) Still, people do not, for the most part, have sex at the parties, nor do they tend to pair off and have sex afterward. Time and time again, the spankos I interview tell me they were fascinated with spanking from a young age and thought they were alone with this obsession.

They cite movies and TV shows with spanking scenes that captivated them as children (a 1963 John Wayne movie called "Mc Lintock!

She met Jules, the vivacious brunette who runs SSNY, in a writing class.

"I asked her to direct one of my plays and she did an amazing job," Jessica had told me.

(Eulenspiegel is a BDSM group founded in the '70s that is named for a character from German folklore who enjoys discomfort.) "I introduced the idea of spanking as a parental thing -- this notion that I'm only spanking you because I love and care about you," Margaret, who now runs the Spanking Club of New York (SCONY), recalls.

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