Good website for sex chat - Oracle updating records within same cursor

If I check three records, it will only copy the highlighted one.

I am assuming the line var1 := :data_block.field1; is the issue... Once you "copy" the record (do they have to be at the bottom of the block?

I'd say that you never check more than one record because you GO_RECORD(pos) which returns you to the first record whose checkbox is checked and repeat what you've already done.

oracle updating records within same cursor-79

I've put the check box item (which isn't a database item) and the push button on forms in T1 block.

Now, I want to see the prices in T2 of all checked records in T1.

I know that case doesnt make sense, but I just want to know how to insert more than one row.

My database version is and Forms version

As you know, I'm selecting data in T2 block using SQL statement which depends on check box item of another block. Now, if I modify record in T2 block and make commit form, it's not updating table in database, but adding a new record.

How can I avoid this problem, and make form to update records, which are returned into block by SQL statement ? I put there cursor, which reads the whole table, then compares record with this in T2 block, and if there are any difference it makes update statement.

If you are inserting records returned by some SELECT statement, you don't need loops - a simple INSERT statement would do.

For example, if this is the SELECT that returns records you are interested in: Thanks a lot cookiemonser and Littlefoot for your reply, you really helped me. I was searching the forum, but I couldn't find a clear answer.

It even works, but after that it's still adding a new record, and I'm not sure the solution of this problem should be so complicated.

Wojtek Such problems often occur when people try to reinvent the wheel.

If not, perhaps you could simply CREATE_RECORD DUPLICATE_RECORD instead), you are supposed to go back to the first checked record and move onwards from that point.

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