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The number of women getting married between the ages of 19 and 24 is a steep rise – from 11 to 48 per cent respectively.

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“Most of the women will say this preference has nothing to do with money,” Isherwood says, “that it is more about maturity – the idea that older men know what they want and are ready to settle down”.

Men on the other hand will indicate being okay with a five-year (give or take) age difference. It appears there’s no shortage of younger women who will come right out and tell Isherwood they are looking for older white men.

It could also indicate that Kenyan men are less willing to admit that they need a little help meeting someone because of the indoctrinated idea that ‘a man doesn’t need help, shouldn’t be vulnerable’, and so forth.40-year-old Reuben*, who lived and worked in New York City for 15 years, says that upon coming home, the thing he found most unusual about the Kenyan dating scene was that men don’t approach women in public spaces.

“In New York it was normal for me to walk up to a woman at the subway, chat her up, ask if I could take her out sometime and get her number,” he says, “but when I do that in Nairobi, although women are receptive, almost all of them have later told me they were initially stunned by my forwardness.”Nine out of 13 professional women between the ages of 25 and 45 I randomly questioned said they would appreciate (even be attracted to) that kind of forwardness.

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