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So there is no file, no need to be worried or scared; I have never "ratted' or made someone a "slave" or part of a botnet. Sign up for your free Tamilnadu chat account now and meet hundreds of Tamil Nadu singles online! There have been over 6,000 downloads of my lists and over 400 NEW users per day visit my website and as i said It grows almost every single day.

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In Omegle, choose the "Allow" option in the Adobe Flash Player Settings window.

In the "Camera" dropdown list that appears in the video window, choose "Many Cam Virtual Webcam" or "Many Cam Video Source".

Attached are 5 files which I update on my website: [ These files contain "Omegle" users, "Skype" users, "Governments, FBI IPs, Police IPs, Military IPs, Defence Intelligence IPs, Department Of Defense, CIA" - Yes, those people are all on Omegle.

Not only those but the most worst of all: "Masturbaters, CP videos, Beastiality, Terms of service Breakers, Hackers through Omegle (Meaning they know your IP from omegle, then Inject packets to you during or after your conversation) - Yes, disconnecting doesn't stop anyone from hacking you -, "Incest, Drug Users (On camera), Jailbait (Never thought I'd have to add that, but I was prooved wrong), Fake videos such as "the games" and "girls or guys" I do my research on every IP I come across and some I do indeed range ban rarely with a /8 block.

i think you take time, but it's a waste of time!!???

I have moved my site to: [ And now include 5 lists.

To choose Many Cam as the audio source, select "Many Cam Virtual Microphone" in the "Microphone" dropdown list that appears in the video window.

Whenever I visit Omegle I collect IPs of people who do "bad" and "vulgar" things. I have started to keep these IPs instead of just freaking the "bad" person out and asking them how "Tennesee" Is (Disconnect), Haha, now I collect these IPs and place them Into a few files.

so please tell me location of this file to remove it thank you.

I want to highly apologize for my absence, but the past 8 months my parents died, and i stayed offline.

My IP is not what they have, DF users are running scared - Tor was blocked out thanks to me and my knowledge hahaha. Please perform an update, and if you cannot directly access the website, you may simply insert this URL into Peer-Block and it will still download the list for you [ Simple right-click, copy link location, and place the link into Peer-Block.

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