Non verbal dating

Simply put, our unique ability to read people has been described as "eerie." My name is Blake, and I am the founder and head instructor of The Nonverbal Group.

I also work as an adjunct professor at the City University of New York, where I teach group dynamics, developmental psychology, and general psychology.

Unfortunately, his degree path in forensic psychology limited his ability to conduct any research on nonverbal communication that would actually be applicable to the real world.

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I have studied nonverbal communication for the past six years.

Along the way, I worked as a freelance negotiations consultant for many prominent companies and performed an incredibly wide range of body language related services.

We are a group of academics and professionals who are dedicated to conducting research on nonverbal communication, while furthering the understanding of this relatively new and fascinating branch of social science.

An understanding of nonverbal communication provides a wide range of practical applications.

For a countless number of hours, I have systematically deconstructed first date video footage for various nonverbal signals.

In addition to my research on body language, I played professional poker for many years and founded School of Cards, the first brick-and-mortar poker school in New York City.I'm a serial entrepreneur and have created many different companies, all fueled by my passion to understand human behavior as it relates to the real world.People can say a lot without every opening their mouths through the form of non verbal communication.The evidence was simple: poor daters had poor body language understanding.They projected the wrong image and were unable to decode the body language of their date.In 2009, Eastman founded The Nonverbal Group to help people get a better understanding of body language as it relates to the world around them.

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