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She appeared in a lot of Japanese commercials and those who help focus on the Gyaru image. And not only that, she released a single under the pseudonym MILKY BUNNY.The song title is called “Bunny Days” which is a lot less weird than Kyary’s for sure but it still contains the kawaisa and arguably Decora as well Just wow. I would probably crumble under pressure for just being a mom and a model.

Although her mother is ethnically Korean, Crystal does not speak Korean.

Kay is fluent in Japanese and English, the latter influencing and making a regular appearance in her songs. Kay has cited Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson as her biggest influences.

She debuted in 1999 when R&B began to take off in Japan thanks to local acts MISIA, Double and Hikaru Utada.

Her success paved the way for the mainstream success of many interracial acts in the mid-00s such as Thelma Aoyama, Anna Tsuchiya, Angela Aki and African-American/Japanese enka singer Jero.

Throughout her career, Kay has collaborated with M-Flo and Bo A, Chemistry as well as other well-known recording artists.

I bet some of you were expecting this and I bet most of you don’t really care – perhaps, you came here out of boredom or you’ve found this from the fresh posts page. This list will compile musicians, models, idols, and combinations thereof who are from Japan and Korea. People were really fascinated by how weird it was (although it was a tribute to the kawaisa and Decora styles). I’ve been a fan of hers since “Pon Pon” debuted and even I’m tired of hearing the same joke over and over. As weird as Kyary is, she still retains a very cutesy and sweet style that I’ve always admired. Anyway, when f(x) first debuted under the SM Entertainment label in 2009, a lot of fans were really surprised to see Amber.Blogged By: La Tray Source & Story Credit: Yahoo Singapore – Casey Lee – Wikipedia Media Credit: Photo (Yahoo News) / Video (You Tube willieharrisjr) (You Tube mflo10yrs) Posted: Wednesday April 18, 2012 @ p.m.PST Japanese R&B singer Crystal Kay would be making her world debut with a collaboration with American hip-hop group Far East Movement in their upcoming album “Dirty Bass”.In 2009 Kay stated that “There is still some racial thing going on, [but] people are getting used to it.You can see a lot more mixed people on TV, and even (among) models in magazines.” At a summer festival that year half-Japanese half-Papua New Guinean singer Emi Maria left Kay a demo and a note saying “You’re my idol, I’m sad I couldn’t meet you in person.” Nevertheless Kay has commented, “I consider myself a Japanese artist because I was born and raised here, but nationality-wise I look, and am, foreign.” As of July 2009, Kay has released ten albums and she has sold over two million records in Japan as of 2009.I certainly don’t think she’s ugly and I hope that Master YG (as he’s more commonly known amongst fans and the fanclub known as Blackjacks) has changed his tone.

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