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It is essential when taking on a puppy, you learn the likely characteristics of your chosen breed.

With pedigree dogs you can predict how big your dog will grow, its exercise and grooming needs, as well as important tests your breeder should have carried out for its health.

The subjects express their fears as well as the joys that can be experienced in old age." "Each day women receive messages from the media and advertising that they are not young enough, sexy enough or good enough.

In the documentary 'Ageless,' hear from women of all ages about the affects of these daily messages.

Now, as an aging community faces its own mortality, paradise has begun to exact a higher price.

Through the experiences of six longtime residents, 'Kings Point' captures both the allure and the darker complexities of living in a world where 'nobody gets too close.' Poignant, funny and dark, 'Kings Point' is a deeply empathetic portrait of the last act of the American Dream.".

Dating can be pretty tiring, but meeting a fellow dog lover is rather effortless.

The speed dating experts at Dear Pluto know this better than any, so they've teamed up with Sydney Dogs and Cats Home to combine pups and love and bring us a rather smart dating idea.

The documentary details the life experiences of seniors and received a regional Emmy nomination in the Historical Documentary category.

“ 'The Living History Project: Stories Told by Michigan's Oldest Old' is a multimedia initiative that includes 15 short videos and four radio stories that aired on WKAR 90.5 FM, the NPR affiliate in East Lansing.

Shot over the course of 10 years, Kings Point is a bittersweet look at our national obsession with self-reliance, exploring the dynamic tension between living and aging while underscoring society's powerful ambivalence toward growing older." "In the 1970s and 80s, hundreds of thousands of senior citizens migrated from New York City to Kings Point, a typical retirement community, located just outside West Palm Beach, Florida.

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