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That actually makes a lot of sense to me, and has the ring of truth to it. That's what the girlfriends do, they just sit there. Very few gay men in professional tennis, although there are supposed to be a few according to an article in Tennis Magazine several years ago. European sports stars are not like American sports stars.Nadal is in an extremely close-knit family and it really seems right that he would gravitate toward an old childhood friend whom he has known for years. I think the gays ones were Jan Michael Gambill (sp? It has only been recent that many of them have gotten on the American public's radar. He loves too much typical straight stuff, even for a Spaniard. And they are all friends."European sports stars are not like American sports stars.It seems like a very insular place(no not imbred) and the girlfriend lives there. As the article states he says he doesnt have a girlfriend, but he does.

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Some of the replies on this thread are depressingly familiar. No wonder half the planet is on the downlow, you're not SUPPOSED to spot it if you're only ever looking for guys that go shopping 24/7, hang out with interior decorators or are photographed with their mothers and toy poodles. My feeling is that he's simply shy almost bordering on autism (and this is not meant in any negative sense) and completely focused on tennis.

No male gay tennis players (bullshit), he doesn't "ping" so he can't be gay (bullshit), he likes straight things so he must be straight (bullshit! God forbid a gay man might like playing football or attending a bike rally with a group of friends, fixing his car or camping, etc. There were some rumours of him and Ana Ivanovic having a fling.

I'm guessing he's incredibly sexually repressed with a small dick so isn't acting either way.

But, plenty of rich guys with small dicks get pussy, so that really shouldn't be a problem.

Every male that steps onto a tennis court has a huge gay following.

Nadal and his family have a big compound in Mallorca.But there is no superstar girlfriend hogging the headlines.His partner, 20-year-old Francisca Perello, declines the chance to travel the world to support her fella, instead staying in Manacor to complete a business and administration degree.R58, I missed the requirement that every post on DL must be groundbreaking, hysterical badinage, Margaret Cho and Winston Churchill and Talulah Bankhead all in one. Actually, this summer in Europe, there were pictures of them while she was visiting him in his hometown in Mallorca. He has trouble looking people in the eyes and just seems that he is incredibly uncomfortable outside the tennis court. Reading the posts of Nadal haters fill me with glee. He seems to love hanging out with his male Spanish friends.You are probably an idiot who cannot grasp the concept that autistic people are not slow, retarded, or whatever that means in your little ignorant world. Nadal is like one of those feral children, with all the grunting and picking. If he didn't have tennis, he would be walking on all fours, picking bugs out of his ass. World number one, Roland Garros four-time champion, new Wimbledon champion and Olympic gold medalist with more to come? He does have a very skinny cute girlfriend from his island who gets papped at the beach with him whenever he is home, but I am betting she isn't a high priority for him. She is perfect for me because she is very relaxed and easy-going and Ix92ve known her for a long, long time. Federer is devoted to Mirca- she is quite beautiful in person even if she does have a tendency to be pudgy.

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