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Patti is on the lookout for the best man in town for the Baewatch Babe, Donna D'Errico.

But when the recruitment effort goes adrift, Maxwell gets the brunt of the blame!

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Patti's tough love only makes matters worse and pushes him to the edge.

Can Patti and Candace break Marcellas' bad habits and find him true love?

Can Patti find Donna's bae or will they leave her high and dry?

Marcellas' close up proves to be too much and fails his first love lesson.

Only Patti has the power to mend the hearts of the millionaire baddies.

Tiffany and Christopher walk out of the Millionaire's Club as changed man and woman with perfect dates in their hands. Think Patti Stanger has faced her toughest clients, you haven’t seen nothing yet! They endured countless tests and hardship all in the name of love.Will she take the lessons that Patti has taught her or continue her rebellious streak?Drinking on the first date is almost inevitable, but that doesn't mean you need to let the booze loose. Take Candace's advice on how to handle your alcohol AND your date.Patti takes on former Basketball Wife Laura who has trouble letting her sensitive side show.Her second client, Bastian, runs into issues with Patti’s tough love attitude while looking for his "picture perfect" woman.Patti is in for a big challenge with a Baywatch babe who hasn't been dating for 10 years and a hot-tempered celeb stylist. But, they both walked away from the Millionaire's Club with a handful of advice and a better chance at love. Patti takes on two very different clients: a lovebird that always flies into the wrong nests and a delusional mind-reader.

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