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Here’s an example: there is an annual football tournament at work.In previous years, teams that didn’t contain at least one woman had to pay extra money as an incentive towards inclusiveness.

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So the truth is that I’m not really into playing with a bunch of people who don’t want me there; that stops it from being a good time (though the woman of The Citadel cry tears of shame for me). But even more than that, I think I’m just disappointed and a bit hurt. The four members of the band, Ian Curtis (vocals), Bernard Albrecht (guitar), Peter Hook (bass) and Stephen Morris (percussion) were aided, or possibly forced, in this direction by their legendary and rather brilliant producer Martin Hannett, who channeled their music into discordant soundscapes that matched the emotion and despair of Curtis’s bleak lyrics.

It’s just a fun thing that I’d like to do that I’m told I can’t. Hooks played his bass as if he were on lead guitar, supplementing and enhancing Albrecht’s guitar lines. He certainly didn’t have the pleasantest voice; often off-tune, he nevertheless performed his songs with a rawness and passion that made his vocal range moot.

Sometimes, on my way home after a night out, drunk men, or, more accurately, boys, can be a bit assertive in trying to talk. A couple have even followed me towards my flat if I’d passed them while they were coming out of the bars at the top of my hill. Regardless, I decided that a) I would stay on the bottom level and b) I would sit next to someone else, so there’d be no empty seat next to me for him to sit in.

On the lower level of the buses like the type I was on, there are a few rows of seats leading towards the back of the bus, then a step up with more rows of seats.

On the driver’s side, perpendicular and next to the first row on the step up, is another seat, facing the opposite side of the bus across the aisle instead of forward.

I sat next to a woman in that row on the opposite side of the perpendicular chair, on the aisle.And Morris’s drums were intense, primal even: listen to “Twenty-Four Hours” from . Check out his delivery toward the end of “Transmission”: hearing him sing “And we can DAAANCE” brings chills to the spine.The drums are just nearly off-beat, creating an urgent but disorienting, almost frightening sound. But it’s not Curtis’ passion or even his singing which makes Joy Division so personal, so essential. Curtis managed to convey a palpable sense of isolation without self pity or maudlinism; some of his most heartbreaking lyrics rely merely on subtext.For example, “Atmosphere”: “People like you find it easy, Naked to see, walking on air, Hunting by the rivers through the streets every corner, Abandoned too soon, set down with due care, Don’t walk away in silence, Don’t walk away.” It’s recognition of one’s self as different, as somehow and the turmoil of that difficulty combined with a hopeless need to not be alone.It would be hard to find another song that encapsulates isolation so succinctly.This year that requirement was scrapped and none of the teams chose to include a single woman Those of us who wanted to play had to beg other women in our office to join a separate women’s team.

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