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Full name Carter Payne Also known as Cartini, Inch High Private Eye, Donald Stump, Mr. Martin's topics were always interesting but insulting. Most of the topics he talked about included relationships and celebrity guests, and sometimes he talked about his relationship with Gina. He's also the grandson-in-law of Gina's possibly deceased grandmother. Jobs In Seasons 1-2, Martin worked as a radio DJ with his own show on WZUP, a fictional radio station.

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In 1986, while still in her teens, she made her New York film debut in , a showcase for stand-up comedian Martin Lawrence.

She played Pam James, a friend of Gina Waters (played by Tisha Campbell), on the series; Lawrence played radio talk show host Martin Payne, who was dating Waters.

Personality Selfish, mean (sometimes), loud mouth, impatient Hair color Blue Eye color white Likes His mother's biscuits, Mama Payne, h Gina, making jokes about Pam, Nadine, Christmas (currently) Dislikes Pam, when Gina makes more money than him, Christmas (formerly) Family Great-Grandparents - Unnamed great-grandmother Grandparents - Unnamed grandmother Parents - Mama Payne, Unnamed father Siblings - Mama Payne's other children Lovers - Gina Payne (Wife), Anglea (ex-girlfriend) Uncles - Sunny (Maternal Uncle) Cousins - Junior (Cousin), The Country Paynes (1st cousins 1x removed), Fluorine (1st cousin 1x removed) In-Laws - U Biography Martin was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan with his two best friends Tommy Strawn (Thomas Mikal Ford) and Cole Brown (Carl Anthony Payne II). His father is mentioned once in the pilot episode, "Beauty and the Beast." During his high school years, Martin had a rivalry with the popular guy, Ricky Fontaine ,"Pretty Ricky" is what they called him (portrayed by Miguel A. Personality Martin is a sweetheart deep downyne, his father is possibly deceased also his grandmother was mentioned at least twice also her mother (Martin's great-grandmother) was mentioned once their both most likely deceased.

Periodically, his topics insulted his friends, and he unintentionally exposed their personal business.

Despite her somewhat prickly nature, Arnold kept the family going in face of financial difficulty and a hostile living environment as Rochelle.

Arnold won a NAACP Image Award for her work on the series in 2005.

Many people who I have talked to about this show have said they "don't get it" and that the rapid fire urban cultural references fly over their heads. This show is clever and sharp and if you actually laugh at crap like "Will & Grace", you won't "get" this show either.

Unlike every other pale, bland humored show out there, "Martin" is full flavored, knock you on your ass funny.

Do not miss the chance to see it every time its rerun, you'll be witnessing t.v.

Martin and Gina loved each other madly, just like Ralph and Alice; Pam was Trixie; and Tommy and Cole were both Ed Norton (with an emphasis on Cole).

For instance, Martin accidentally revealed Pam's secret to getting promotions at work.

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