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Jamie takes Binky out on a date but is still left confused over his feelings for her, and she has doubts as it may ruin their friendship.Cheska feels nervous as she prepares to go on a double date with Binky, Stevie and Sam, but is more drawn to Sam than Stevie.

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Following her kiss with Jamie, Binky is left disappointed when he doesn’t call.

Spencer continues to make an effort with Andy as he invites him and the boys to play volleyball in Brighton, and Millie welcomes old friend Sophia back to London where she reveals she has a history with both Francis and Spencer.

Elsewhere, back in Chelsea, Richard shows off his new girlfriend Ianthe, and Ollie decides to change his lifestyle and even gets his hair cut.

At Jamie’s flat warming party, Spencer interrupts an innocent chat between Andy and Louise and goes off the rails, and Jamie attempts to ask Binky out but is beaten by his old uni friend Sam.

Jamie asks Lucy to be his date for Rosie’s dinner party but she declines, then accepts Andy’s proposal to be his date.

Proudlock isn’t impressed when Spencer announces his one night stand with Sophia to all of the guests.

Not happy with Sophia siding with Victoria, Millie questions their friendship.

Lucy denies the rumours being spread about her and Andy finds out that Spencer was the one who originally told Jamie.

Louise returns and comes face-to-face with an annoyed Lucy, who then confronts Spencer over his lies about her.

Spencer agrees to move in with Francis, Jamie and Proudlock but faces the difficult task of telling Louise.

Meanwhile Cheska takes Sam’s number and asks him for a date, but he just wants to be friends, Richard hosts a boat party to launch his new product, and Binky is torn over her situation with Jamie.

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