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These are sets of chopsticks specifically for shared dishes only.

There is a specific seating order to every formal dinner, based on seniority and organizational hierarchy.

The seat of honor, reserved for the host or oldest person, is usually the one in the center facing east or facing the entrance.

Although both square and rectangular tables are used for small groups of people, round tables are preferred for large groups, particularly in restaurants, in order to permit easy sharing.

Lazy Susan turntables at are a common feature at the center of larger tables, to facilitate passing of serving dishes.

Eating is a dominant aspect of Chinese culture, and eating out is one of the most common ways to honor guests, socialize, and deepen friendships.

Proper etiquette is very important to traditional Chinese people, who feel good manners invite luck, and boorish conduct brings shame.

There will sometimes be one set of communal chopsticks per dish or one set per course. In most restaurants in Chinese countries, there is no tip required unless it is explicitly posted.

Usually, if there is a tip required, it will already be on your bill.

Others with higher status then sit in close proximity to the seat of honor, while those with lower positions sit further away.

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