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A: All statistics displayed in the report is exported from the information Grab has extracted from the device, so it is totally objective.

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It lies just north of Singapore and the equator and south of Thailand.

The cutting edge capital city is Kuala Lumpur which is known for its modern architecture including the Petronas Towers, the tallest twin towers in the world.

A: You will receive an SMS to inform you if you qualified.

For Klang Valley drivers, you can pick it up from the driver centre in Jaya One, whilst outer city drivers must refer to their respective city leads and alpha drivers.

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Malaysia is one of the most visited countries in the world.

The longest King Cobra was also found here, measuring 5.54 metres which is over 18 feet!

Perhaps the safest way to explore is through webcams!

If for any reason Grab needs to retrieve the memory card, drivers need to come to the centre.

Following that, Grab will place another protective seal.

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