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———————————————————————— I have created a commercial attendance calendar template which accommodate more features.

There is also a lite version that you can try before purchasing the Pro one.

Now, you ready to use your monthly attendance record form where you can see your employee information, number of working days and holidays mark created in those worksheets.

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Back to top Input Box and Message Box examples No communication with Excel is required for this example and can be started from within the VB Editor.

To split a single line of execution into multiple lines, use the underscore character ( _ ).

Next with an If statement Loop through worksheets in a workbook for set ranges Worksheet - hidden and visible properties Inserting worksheets avoiding duplicate names, naming & validations Input Box and Message Box examples Printing examples General application commands Ranges - various examples Navigation in a worksheet using Offset Read Window documents General function examples Creates a new word document Creates an Outlook message Used range of cells - worksheet protection by value type This sub procedure looks at every cell on the active worksheet and if the cell does not have a formula, a date or text and the cell is numeric; it unlocks the cell and makes the font blue.

For everything else, it locks the cell and makes the font black. This has the effect of allowing someone to edit the numbers but they cannot change the text, dates or formulas. Next with an If statement This sub checks values in a range of 10 rows by 5 columns moving left to right, top to bottom, switching the values X and O.

Set a range of 10 x 5 cells with a mixture of Xs and Os.

Back to top Loop through worksheets in a workbook for set ranges Loops through all worksheets in a workbook and reset values in a specific range(s) on each worksheet to zero where it is not a formula and the cell value is not equal to zero.

To unhide sheet, you must set the Visible property to True.

Visible = Hide(or False) - Sheet/Unhide is not greyed out To hide specific (second) worksheet Back to top Inserting worksheets avoiding duplicate names, naming & validations Checks to see if sheet already exists with the name My Sheet and does not add it again as Excel cannot store duplicate worksheet names in a workbook.

What impact will this have if you use the integer function (Int()) instead of the currency functions (CCur)? Date Entry & Formula with Input Box which prompts the user for the number of times to iterate, creates heading and calculates gross values with final totals at the end of the columns.

Perhaps this excel file is a combination between monthly and yearly attendance record where you can use some worksheets of this template as a printable monthly attendance forms and collect all monthly data to form employee attendance record for one year period.

If you needs a record for 6 working days, you can adjust the formula by yourself or you can wait the next version.

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