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In 2000 the median age for residents was 30, considered an average age for city and county neighborhoods; the percentage of residents aged 19 to 34 was among the county's highest.

North Hollywood is bordered on the north by Sun Valley and on the northeast and east by Burbank.

Toluca Lake borders North Hollywood on the southeast and south, and Studio City abuts it on the southwest.

The result was a massive development of housing which transformed the area into a suburban development of Los Angeles.

Starting in the late fifties, many of the original owners were aging, and their children were moving to other areas.

It is flanked by Valley Village and Valley Glen on the west.

North Hollywood was once part of the vast landholdings of the Mission San Fernando Rey de España, which was confiscated by the government during the Mexican period of rule.The percentages of never-married men and never-married women were among the county's highest.The median yearly household income in 2008 dollars was ,791, considered average for the city but low for the county.When the Los Angeles Aqueduct opened in 1913, Valley farmers offered to buy the surplus water, but the federal legislation that enabled the construction of the aqueduct prohibited Los Angeles from selling the water outside of the city limits.At first, resistance to the real-estate development and downtown business interests of Los Angeles remained strong enough to keep the small farmers unified in opposition to annexation.On April 1, 1888, they offered ready-made small farms for sale, already planted with deep-rooted deciduous fruit and nut trees—mostly peaches, pears, apricots, and walnuts—that could survive the rainless summers of the Valley by relying on the high water table along the Tujunga Wash rather than surface irrigation.

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