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The wisdom of omitting those virtuous-bummer moments can now be debated, but obviously it make sense from a show-biz perspective: uplift sells.The largest province in Canada by population and the the second largest by size.Demonstrators gather in front of the provincial legislature to protest Ontario's new sex education curriculum on Feb. Some critics allege the curriculum will indoctrinate children into an immoral lifestyle.

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While few tracks match the cast album in emotional impact, many do shift emphases in refreshing ways, confirming these songs’ potential to live outside of a narrative.

Usher’s “Wait for It” is breathier, hammier, smoother, and more radio-ready than the original.

Sprinkled throughout the album are also demos for tracks than never made it onstage.

The most intriguing of these is “Cabinet Battle 3,” in which Hamilton and George Washington’s advisers tartly debate a proposal to end slavery.

into a pop album, unsurprisingly, recenters the visceral qualities that made the thing successful in the first place: the ooey-gooey melodies and the lovey-dovey relationships.

Rather than serving up the play’s gloriously overstuffed exposition anthems—“Alexander Hamilton,” “Aaron Burr, Sir,” “Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down),” “Non-Stop”—the mixtape is anchored by tunes about husbands and wives, parents and kids, and deep personal yearning for improvement.

Fears that kids will be indoctrinated into an immoral lifestyle is a recurring theme in the many petitions, criticisms and chat boards aimed at the new teaching plan.

Prominent critic Charles Mc Vety, president of the Institute for Canadian Values, feels the same way.

And Andra Day inflates the betrayal ballad “Burn” with a very current kind of nu-soul angst; you can imagine it fitting in on a dystopian YA movie’s soundtrack.

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