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The latest firmware update gave me the ability to use a Center Cut of the sensor for 2K shooting.

That, with the ultra-long lens, finally gets me sharp and close.” Cinematographers tell their stories with light and shadow – and the ability to render tones from deepest shadows to brightest highlights is a crucial test of any digital camera.

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Find out why it’s the prime choice whenever you need superlative 4K picture quality and near-limitless creative options – today and tomorrow.

It’s everywhere – from major Hollywood features and world cinema prize winners to top-rated episodic TV and premium drama from online streaming leaders like Netflix and Amazon. The flexible, highly modular F55 is an equally popular choice for documentaries, news magazines, indie shorts and music promos.

A factory upgrade option adds a new image sensor module and firmware, transforming the F5 into the even more capable F55.

You’ll gain exciting functional advantages including on-board XAVC™ recording in 4K and QFHD (3840 x 2160), electronic frame image scan to eliminate rolling shutter, real-time 4K output over SDI and HDMI, and extended S-Gamut colour.

You’ll find the PMW-F55 Cine Alta camera everywhere – from Hollywood features to episodic TV, commercials, promos, sports and more.

Its compact size belies breathtaking 4K image quality and effortless adaptability.

Preserving all the original detail of your original shot, your future-proofed 4K master is ready to take full advantage of the fast-growing 4K Ultra HD distribution ecosystem.

Download the brochure Once you’ve tasted the limitless creative possibilities of Cine Alta, you could find yourself wanting even more.

Whether you’re shooting documentaries or news, the portable F55 has the poise and agility to keep up with your creative vision – wherever you are and whatever’s happening around you.

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