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Technically, Trader B buys the contract from Clearinghouse Member S and Trader S sells the contract to Clearinghouse Member B.

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Because basis risk is typically less than asset price risk, the financial community views hedging as a form of risk management and speculating as a form of risk taking.

Generally speaking, to hedge is to take opposing positions in the futures and cash markets.

The clearinghouse is the counterparty to every trade – its members buy every contract that traders sell on the exchange and sell every contract that traders buy on the exchange.

Absent a clearinghouse, traders would interact directly, and this would introduce two problems. concerns about their counterparty’s credibility would impede trading.

For example, the New York Mercantile Exchange created its light sweet crude oil contract in order to fill an unexploited niche in the financial marketplace. exchanges between 19, only 32% traded in 1980 (Stein 1986, 7).

Not all contracts are successful and those that are may, at times, be – the contract exists, but traders are not trading it. Consequently, entire exchanges can become active – e.g., the New York Futures Exchange opened in 1980 – or inactive – e.g., the New Orleans Exchange closed in 1983 (Leuthold 1989, 18).To understand the mechanics and merits of marking-to-market, consider that the values of the long and short positions of an existing futures contract change daily, even though futures trading is a zero-sum game – a buyer’s gain/loss equals a seller’s loss/gain.So, the clearinghouse breaks even on every trade, while its individual members. With this in mind, suppose Trader B buys a 5,000 bushel soybean contract for .70 from Trader S.may be an agricultural commodity, a metal, mineral or energy commodity, a financial instrument or a foreign currency.Because futures contracts are derived from these underlying assets, they belong to a family of financial instruments called – a marketplace that is operated by a voluntary association of members.Government price supports or other such regulation can also render trading inactive (see Carlton 1984, 245).

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