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Floyd has over twenty years’ experience representing individuals falsely accused of sex crimes. Floyd is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and is rated as a Super Lawyer by the preeminent rating service of Thomson Reuters.He is an expert in criminal law and defends individuals who have been investigated or charged with serious allegations involving sexual crimes, including those falsely accused of sexual abuse involving children.Floyd Law Firm has an experienced team of investigators, jury consultants, sex offender treatment providers, psychologists, computer forensic experts and paralegals that provide Mr.


The moment the allegation is made, a vicious stigma of guilt attaches that must be quickly, and convincingly, confronted to minimize its life-altering damage.

Conviction of any sex offense requires that the offender register with local law enforcement under both federal and state law thereby placing his name/address in a public registry.

Take the case of Neal Hampton Robbins who was exonerated after spending 18 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

If you have a child sexual abuse allegation made against you, you need to know this: Texas has a host of laws that not only prohibit but punish severely any sexual activity between an adult and a child.

The ease with which child sexual allegations can be leveled against anyone, based simply on the testimony of one person, creates an immediate need to secure counsel experienced in handling these cases. Floyd has represented hundreds of individuals accused of sex crimes, including false allegations of child sexual assault.

He understands false allegation occur and is prepared to craft a defense to suit the particular needs of the case. He has successfully represented hundreds of individuals under investigation for serious sex crimes, often preventing criminal charges from being filed.

Sexual abuse allegations carry a stigma that is both frightening and terribly hard to overcome. In Texas, a conviction for sexual assault can be supported by just the word of the complaining witness.

This is especially dangerous when that one witness is a young child.

Floyd has used his extensive experience in child sex abuse cases to write exhaustively about the issue of false allegations in these cases.

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