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Regardless of Yusuke's claims about Kurama's dogged tenacity, she couldn't help fearing one more misstep would push him away for good.Which meant every word, every look, every second spent in his presence was a test—one she'd fail if she weren't careful. Watching her with a muted frown, Kurama murmured, "That's a shame."She shrugged.

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"Like I said, these headaches aren't any different than the ones I've dealt with for six years. Faded emerald gleamed through the fall of his Loom, tangling with the cobalt. Gone was the nervous yellow that had appeared as he'd asked her here.

My contact with the white threads usually isn't prolonged enough to have lasting effects, so it's just… "I'm merely curious." A wry tilt upturned the left corner of his lips. In its stead, she found further blues—the watered-down teal of happiness and powdery shades she thought were his Loom's sign of contentment—as well as a wash of amethyst affection.

"Yeah," she said softly, words almost lost to the subway car's engine as it started up again.

"I'd like that."Just one stop farther down the line, Michi guided Kurama to her favorite sushi place.

my life."The arrival of their waitress delayed his response, but as the girl dipped a polite bow, delivered them each a glass of water, and readied her notepad, Michi realized all her scanning of the menu had gotten her precisely nowhere and she had no clue which of her favorite rolls to order. While Michi fumbled, he scooped up his menu, rattled off four maki for them to split, and ordered hot sake to boot. And, last of all, echoed in that teasing smile still adorning his lips, she spotted lilac.

In seconds, their server had scuttled off and they were alone once more. "Is this some scheduled check-in I wasn't aware of? Flirtation."Among other things."The laugh that earned set her nerves on fire."Should I take your evasion of the question as a sign not all is well?"You hid them well.""No, I didn't." Willing her voice not to crack, she added, "They weren't commonplace with you."To her surprise, that blunt revelation earned only a soft sigh, an exhale that sent shivers down her spine. Keeping an eye out for their server, she said, "I didn't mean anything by that. When I was spending nights with you, my territory usually quieted enough that by the time I returned home, any headaches roused throughout the day had died off, and after that, the wards around my apartment were enough to keep the worst of the Loom of Life at bay."He set aside his menu, not even pretending to read it."Our time together in the last weeks hasn't accomplished the same thing? "Between all the other people around and the white threads of the transplants, your Loom tends to get lost." She fidgeted with the plate set before her, centering it with finicky precision on the table's carved surface. Too much else I need to focus on."Not to mention, she couldn't allow herself to dwell on him. The strange, faltering peace between them smacked too strongly of treacherous ground, threatening to pitch her onto her butt at any moment."When Asato first outlined his plan, you'd committed to four extractions a week. It feels like wasting time."Worse than that, it felt like letting people down. "I assure you, proper rest is never a waste." The firm press of his smile softened.I can't help but notice you've assisted us thirteen days straight.""And it's still not enough. "Asato was right that your presence helps with extractions, but by no means does that mean you be with us for every single one.""I know that."And Michi did.Michi Kuroki would give anything to close her territory, to cut off her link to the Loom of Life, a tapestry of brilliant emotion and feeling and connection that colors every soul she meets.

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