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Parents can only give advice and guidance but they cannot decide for the children.Bad parents use economic and financial coercion to compel their children to date and marry who they want, cutting off all aid and support to the children if they don't do what the parents want them to do.There is too much hate between Arabs and Jews in Israel and also the cultural gap is too large.

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It appears that the beloved little sister of Michael finally found true love — in the arms of an Arab man.

Her fiance is equally smitten, telling the magazine Harpers Bazaar Arabia, “I’m fortunate enough to be dating my dream woman.”While the “Thats the way love Goes” singer’s relationships will always make headlines, I’m here to tell you that similar pairings (of the non-celebrity ilk) are alive, well and thriving. I was Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, a graduate of Howard University class of 1999 who switched careers from TV news to licensed teacher in 2008.

Not all Arabs are muslims (as many have stated) but even for the muslim ones, I think its like jewish families.

Alot Jewish Familys want their children to marry into the culture, but obviously there are the exceptions.

The education field, like many others, has not fared well in this austere economy.

With the district I worked for continuing to lay off teachers, my prospects for full time employment looked dim.Personally I don't like parents who think they have the right to tell their children who they should marry.I think they should let their children make that choice on their own because it's their life after all.The whole concept of "race" is not so scientific either.Arabs are one of the most diverse ethnic groups along with Latinos.the couple must consent but it is generally a duty that a daughter to involve and consult her parents (who only want the best for her) here is a list of things that are sins to muslim that muslim are forbidden from doinglooking at the naked body of the other sex as well as showing your body (certain areas) to the other sextouching the other sex in any way that can be a showing of affectionsex before marriagedating isnt forbidden but it is discouraged because it can lead to the above mentioned sinsnote: children and certain relatives are exempt from the first twoalso, parents are forbidden from deciding whom their daughter or son will marry.

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