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She completed a diploma program at the Reading Hospital in Reading, Pennsylvania.

She then worked as a labor and delivery nurse at Reading Hospital for several years.

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The road ahead looks a little rough because Kate Gosselin’s boyfriend Prescott split from her last year.

And with him gone, so is his millions., where they raised their eight children. That’s two, plus six more at one time, making that eight children running around the house in constant need of attention! Gosselin became pregnant using fertility treatments since her body could not conceive on it’s own.

— In China, a "Legend of Mir III" player is spending the rest of his life behind bars for fatally stabbing another for the "theft" of a virtual sword.

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People are curious to know, “Who is Kate Gosselin dating now? The only thing that is confirmed is that Gosselin and Prescott split up last year, and he’s moved on with a 26-year-old business student. People often wonder how Gosselin manages to raise her eight kids alone.

What they don’t know is that Gosselin is a trained nurse.Massively multiplayer online games — or MMOGs, as they're called — can foster more vulnerability than there might be on other virtual meeting spaces such as dating and social networking sites, where participants are inclined to be on the lookout for suspicious behavior from the start."When you're in a social situation like that — playing a game, having fun — you're comfortable with the people you're playing with," said cyber-stalking victim Jayne Hitchcock, president of Working to Halt Online Abuse (WHOA). They lose all sense of reality and themselves." Such conditions can lead participants to be more trusting of each other and less cautious.If you are wondering what Kate Gosselin has been up to, don’t sweat over it. Though known primarily for her TV show, Jon and Kate Plus 8, Gosselin has now become a bestselling author, as well.At least that’s what Gosselin has been saying in some of her recent TV appearances."You're hiding behind a cloak of anonymity and false pretenses," said University of Baltimore criminologist Jeffrey Ian Ross.

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