Kaywoodie pipe dating and pricing

In 1942, because of the unavailability of English pipes and raw briar, Poul Nielsen began making pipes from beech wood for Danish customers.

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It is this efficiency that has made Stanwell so remarkably price competitive and able to offer pieces of superior quality to those created by other large factories.

Essentially the goal of Stanwell is, and always has been, to produce high quality pipes at a price that is truly within the reach of the common man.

Stanwell revolutionized the pipe world with his new factory; until its debut, very few pipes were exported from Denmark.

It was the Stanwell factory that first began mass exportation of Danish pipes and first whetted the appetites of Americans and Germans for the Danish pipe.

However, it did not mean that the Stanwell-pipe was dead but the owner, Scandivaian Tobacco Group (STG), had decided to move the production to Italy.

So beginning in 2010, all Stanwell pipes are made there.He later changed his own last name from Nielsen to Stanwell, a testament to his devotion to the pipes he made.Stanwell's relationships with Danish pipe makers goes back to Sixten Ivarsson, who is considered the originator of modern Danish pipe making.Ivarsson was commissioned to design Stanwell shapes.In 1969, the factory was moved a town called Borup, just outside of Copenhagen to be closer to Ivarsson.Therefore, Nielsen changed the name of his pipes to "Stanwell", which sounded much more like a proper English name than "Nielsen".

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