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Fraser's past dates,and he wasn't too impressed that he was being evaluated.

And, apparently dueto his great works in these many different fields, Perino's outputof standard altarpieces—let alone easel pictures—was extremelylimited.

For parents who want to track their kids, there are activity monitors like Net Nanny and Snoop Stick.

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Holi is the ideal time for heroines to flaunt chiseled bikini bods.

In Waqt: A Race Against Time, in, Let’s play Holi, Priyanka Chopra deftly slipped out of a boring suit into a more risqué white t-shirt to be soaked to the skin, capris and sneakers.

K.-based mobile news site, Recombu, found that 47 percent of adults in England send texts to their significant others.

Some studies have defined sexting specifically as the sending of nude or partially nude photographs over text message."If you had a few too many [drinks] out with friends, you didn't used to have a way to totally embarrass yourself and ruin your life." Now it seems that for some people the Millennial equivalent of "don't drink and drive" has become "don't drink and text." This ease of smartphones can also create a false sense of intimacy for the parties involved, regardless of whether alcohol enters the picture.

I told him that his package was not something I wanted to see, and asked him to never do something like that again.

“I will never, ever live that down,” she told Huff Post."It can be extremely negative," says relationship coach Carol Allen.The survey, which interviewed 2,252 adults by phone in May 2010, found that 6 percent of adults admitted to sending these type of explicit messages, but 15 percent said they had received them.After I was finished, I thought it would have been nice to have had the information in this book at the onset of my dating adventures.Another option is to restrict your child's access to these apps -- both the i Phone and Android devices have parental settings that you can use to block certain types of activity.A 22-year-old writer, Emily*, told The Huffington Post via email that she engaged in a casual texting relationship with an acquaintance two years ago that took a turn toward the inappropriate: One day, my phone buzzed and there it was.

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