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However, the hosts start to have problems with each other as the show progresses.After a short montage of Gwen and Trent's moments over the course of Total Drama Action, the episode begins with former castmates, and hosts Geoff and Bridgette introducing the new "Total Drama Action Aftermath Show," where the two will dish out everything involving "Total Drama Action".

Geoff asks if they should move onto Trent, which they do.

Bridgette begins talking about Trent, saying he did not deserve what happened and it's because of Gwen that he was voted out.

Before introducing Izzy, the two show a video containing various clips of her during her short time on the season, finally calling on her to appear.

After seeing herself on television, Izzy walks out to join Geoff and Bridgette on stage, and they begin their talk show segment.

Using real tennis balls, a projector, a screen, and a webcam, Project Eli is a game that projects moving targets onto the screen, making them appear life-sized.

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The two then say that they'll have two guests this episode: Izzy and Trent.

Bridgette mentions how she feels bad for what happened to Trent, while Katie and Sadie agree with her.

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Bridgette reminds Geoff that they were the first to be voted off, and he begins to recall the events until he stops, reminding Izzy that he is the one asking the questions.

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