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features interesting characters and is nicely firmed.

"It's not just about a head adjusting to a new body.

We might be dealing with a whole new person." Canavero dismissed these concerns.

Once again, however, we are manipulated into rooting for criminals portrayed as "the good guys." How many times has this happened since the days of "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" in the 1960s? In here, one of the criminals (Norton) stole and killed the leader and father figure (Donald Sutherland) of the gang, so he's the worst of the bunch and the film's villain.

Also Theron's character is in the typically overblown-feminist mode of Hollywood in which women can do all things (including driving a car) better than a man.

The best chase scene is right at the beginning with a boat pursuit in Venice, Italy.

The film doesn't overdo the violence, has a pretty intelligent script (with a few short exceptions).

But if your arm gets amputated at the shoulder, it won't be re-implanted because it will never lead to a functional hand."What Canavero will do differently is bathe the ends of the nerves in a solution that stabilizes the membranes and put them back together," Sarr said. And he will do this not in the peripheral nerves such as you find in the arm, but in the spinal cord, where there's multiple types of nerve channels." There has been some success using Canavero's proposed technique on mice and dogs.

In one example, a dog walked after six weeks, albeit with an awkward gait.

"Based on the classic thinking about how nerves regenerate it was unbelievable," Sarr said.

Canavero said his team has "rehearsed" his technique with human cadavers in China, but there are otherwise no known human trials.

A marksman living in exile is coaxed back into action after learning of a plot to kill the President.

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