ludington michigan dating - Is johnny nitro still dating melina

So the rumors had it that Johnny was only dating Melina because he loved being in the spotlight, and the publicity he got from being seen with her was definitely putting him in the spotlight. Johnny loved the spotlight, but he also loved Melina.

The more popular Superstars, you know, like John Cena or Jeff Hardy, or whatever. On the other hand, he was also stuck wrestling with Matt Hardy and Lita.

Neither of them were Jeff Hardy, so he didn't care much for them. If there was one Superstar in the business that could demand the spotlight and barely have to earn it, it was Jeff Hardy. But he had an idea, and that was to take MNM and harass the hell out of Team Xtreme every chance they got.

Disclaimers: I don't own Jeff or John or anything and everything WWE related. Chapter 2: john morrison Johnny Nitro was in to the Divas. No one outside of his stable MNM really knew that much about him.

But still, the Divas were wicked popular with the fans, pro wrestling being a male-dominated sport and all.

But then again, the three of them all together certainly did bring a lot of challenge and flavor to the party. Some of the other wrestlers who noticed this accused him of harassing them because Johnny was an uptight asshole who was just jealous of Jeff's popularity. But Johnny was not careless, and for everything he did, he had a strategic and methodical plan. And when the fans got what they wanted, then so did Johnny.

There was a lot of energy and that made for an exciting storyline. And the more the fans liked it, the more the WWE played the storyline, and the more TV time he got. The plan in question here was to enhance the MNM/Team Xtreme feud. And for the longest time, things were going his way.

No one really liked it, but he sure got the job done. He was something of a womanizer, also, which might have been the reason he liked the Divas. Divas were sassy little toothpicks, nothing but trouble. Gorgeous, smart, athletic, everything you could fantasize about and more.

I don't even own any original characters, because this story is OC FREE! Note II: I'm not very familiar with John's "Nitro" character. On-screen, he was arrogant, crude, and played by the quick-and-dirty method. Put him next to Joey Mercury and the two were a lethal combination.

He and Joey were multi-time tag team champions, he had a beautiful girlfriend, a successful stable for the history books, and a showstopping storyline that would make the company proud. The MNM/Team Xtreme storyline officially ended in February, when MNM lost to the Hardys at the No Way Out pay-per-view.

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