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Manchester’s Mayor Andy Burnham said the “EDL-types” needed to take a “long hard look at themselves.” Mr Robinson refuted the claims the EDL was in attendance as "lies".

They continued there tirelessly serving food despite their own safety.” Eight people were arrested when demonstrators with UK Against Hate, headed by former EDL leader Tommy Robinson, clashed with counter-protesters.

Greater Manchester police advised residents to avoid the area after the protest turned “nasty”, with one man brandishing a pig’s head to taunt Muslims.

If a new starter becomes disengaged, it may be very difficult to re-engage her.

She'll soon leave, and you'll have to begin the recruitment process again.

An effective induction program – or the lack of one – can make the difference between a new employee successfully integrating and leaving very quickly.

Research shows that this can affect engagement, staff turnover and absenteeism levels, and the employer brand.

Far-right protesters have been accused of abusing Sikh volunteers as they tried to feed the homeless in Manchester.

Members of the Sikh Sewa Organisation said they had to flee from Piccadilly Gardens for “their own safety” after "EDL members" became “abusive” towards them.

Conversely, a poor induction program is either too full-on or not thought through properly.

The most frequent complaints new starters make is that they're overwhelmed, bored, or left to "sink or swim." This can leave them feeling confused and make them less productive.

If you fail to do so, he could lose interest, change his mind, or – worse still – go to a competitor.

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