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What “you think” could be more social programming than actual desire.

90% of online dating is based on things you are not even conscious of and things you would find hard to believe about yourself until you see facts like THIS (about your face) and THIS (about the rest of you.).

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You unconsciously judge attraction based on equilateral positioning of all facial elements and geometric distances between points on the face.

* Women are generally repelled by men’s scent (except when they are within a day or two of ovulation)…

“ Here are the results of the scientific studies conducted by Discovery Channel: The bottom line, based on over one hundred years of research by thousands of different entities: “What people think they want is wrong if they are looking for anything more than just sex” Your subconscious biological programming will ONLY steer you to “make more humans”, it WILL NOT allow you to pick a relationship partner.

It will make you pick someone who is cute and mostly totally wrong for you.

Men put fins and flames on their cars and wear giant watches in order to create status-attraction to attract women.

* When women are ovulating; their voices change to a higher pitch to attract men, their skin tone changes to attract men, their pelvic muscles tighten to create a shimmer walk, they interpret smells different and they output different kinds of attracting odors.Men look at pictures and just pick the cute ones, women then look at those pictures and only pick the ones that look like models.. help them out by throwing them a bone once in awhile.”“Do you notice anything about the pictures? Science says that women with “model attractive” aquiline facial features will usually fail in love unless they pick the least “model attractive” man with non-aquiline facial features that they can find because two model attractive people generally do not develop the depth or intent beyond appearance and only see the lack of the depth after the superficial comfort has worn off.Do you think the pictures above are all: A.) Hotties and Hunks OR, B.) Bimbo’s and Dicks.Dating sites promote themselves using photos of stereotype-looking symmetrically faced people.Many popular actors are not very good at acting but they have hyper-symmetrical faces that people can’t stop looking at, so they get lots of work.* One research study illustrated that women tend to choose partners based on status or resources as a priority.

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