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But she stepped away following the 2011 competition.Figure skating is meant to be a blend of art and athleticism, and Kim didn’t just feel her music from “Les Miserables,” she was part of it.“I expected a good score as I did well, but I didn’t expect it to be as high as this,” Kim said after winning the world title, her first since the 2009 event.

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“It was not easy because the blood was just running out of my nose through the whole program,” she said.

“It’s an important lesson that I just had to learn here and accept.” The only thing to spoil the mood came in the final seconds, when she took a hard fall on a triple salchow.

Since her return, she said, she tried not to not think so much about people’s expectations during training and competitions. “And the competitions also had good results, so I’ve got some a bit of motivation [to defend the Olympic title],” she said.

“I will keep my heart light ,but will give my best in preparation.” Kim entered the worlds as one of the favorites after winning the NRW Trophy in Dortmund, Germany, with a then season high score of 201.61 in December.

Although it was a second-tier event, she competed to get the minimum points needed qualify for the worlds.

She continued to impress, winning the Korean national championship in January with a score of 210.77.Kato has a law degree from Aoyama Gakuin College, same institution of Ogawa, beeing in charge of social situations and seems it is better in this area than Sakurai.Kato often co-stars with Keiichiro Koyama on information programs on NEWS shows as well.She broke her silence last July, saying the Sochi Games would be her final competition.The victory in Canada is a big confidence boost ahead of the Sochi Olympics, she said.Mao Asada was second in the free skate with a score of 134.37, rebounding from a sixth-place finish in the short program to finish third with a combined score of 196.47.

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